Dark Before Dawn

Book Three of the Archangel Prophecies  by Monica McGurk  River Grove

River Grove Books  Sci Fi & Fantasy, Teens & YA



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Shadows of the Stone Benders

K. Patrick Donoghue




WOW is all I can say.. I Love this story! All the mystery and intrigue. The dept of the characters, The well paced story.. No dull skip the pages to get to the end of the book. I love how bright and quirky Pebbles is. How many women would love to meet Alnon. Kind giving patient, and RICH lol.. Man of science willing to be open to the unexplained. Every word held my attention! I cannot wait for the next chapter in the plot of the Stone Benders


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Magnolia Moonlight


by Mary Ellis Harvest House Publishers Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

What Sinister Secrets Lurk in the Shadows of Yesterday?

Natchez, Mississippi—Private Investigator Nate Price and his new wife, Isabelle, need a vacation. Their coworkers generously team up to surprise them with a belated honeymoon…but the happy trip turns sour when Izzy spies her ex-husband, who appears to have taken up his gambling addiction once again.

While the boss is away, Price Investigations remains in the hands of Beth Kirby, a former police officer, and Michael Preston, a former forensic accountant. Hardly a dream team, as Beth resents working with a man who has no experience in his new job.

But Beth and Michael must move past their differences if they hope to uncover the truth behind a beloved Southern preacher’s demise. The preacher’s widow suspects foul play, despite the evidence indicating suicide.

With tension escalating between these investigators and local law enforcement—and new threats arising on all sides—how will Beth, Michael, and Nate hold on to faith and bring the truth to light?

Nyna’s thoughts;

AWESOME STORY! From beginning to end.  I loved ever word ever character. I  loved the dual plots, something i haven’t come across to often. So many things to love about this book. I hope it becomes a series!

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Earthbound Bones by ReGina Welling


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A Bitch Called Hope by Lily Gardner



My thoughts 4 stars


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KINDRED by Steve Robinson

Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery, Book 5

JT and  Jane  Had no idea the adventure they were embarking on when JT a family historian by trade needed to find out about his own story. Kindred never lets you down.  You wont be able to put it down.  Full of twists turns and suprizes especially the ending!! It’s a must read

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Nyna’s Book Blog

The Quest

by Pam Binder

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Open Letter to Linden Labs


This letter is addressing some concerns we feel need attenion  that is long over do. Check out the  url and sign the letter. Be heard

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U2 in SL

If you love the U2 band, their music, their causes. If your interested in Virtual Worlds then check out this website www.u2insl.com. Then come  visit www.secondlife.com and  be apart of a  virtual world like no other.

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